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Sink Basket

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Scrubway™ Sink Basket is the ultimate sink organizer you will need! Keep everything handy and hygienic without crowding the space with our easy-to-use Sink Baskets!  


PREMIUM QUALITY – Our Sink Basket is made of high-quality ABS material. It is safe, eco-friendly, durable, flexible, and non-toxic. This basket is easy to clean and is a great organizer for kitchen sinks to hold small items in one place, such as a sponge, duster, cloth, and brushes. 

ADJUSTABLE STRAP – This Sink Basket features an adjustable neck strap for easy hanging and installation on any size of sink faucets. The sink strap grips tightly onto the faucets so you would never need to worry about them falling.

NO BUILD UP – Our Sink Basket has drain holes at the bottom to prevent dirty water accumulation inside the caddy, which can otherwise cause dirty algae, mildew, and bacteria to grow. It is perfect for holding a sponge, soap and cleaning cloth, brush, lotion bottle and etc.

MULTI-PURPOSE – You can use this Sink Basket in the kitchen, bathroom, or on the wall. Basically, as long as the strap has somewhere to hold on to, you can fix the Sink Basket anywhere to keep your space organized and tidy at all times!