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Glass Cleaner

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Why waste your precious time cleaning all the glasses by hand and risking the chance of breaking the glasses? 

Finding it too hard to get to the bottom of the glasses and clean those stubborn stains from your favorite drinks? 

We have a SOLUTION to your problems! 

Scrubway™ Glass Cleaner is the perfect addition to your kitchen! This Glass Cleaner, unlike others, is a perfectly designed 360-degree brush that can clean any glasses in under 5 seconds. No more messy, dirty cups and glasses.


EASY INSTALLATION - Simply secure the suction cups to any sides of your sink and slip on and rotate the glasses you wish to clean. The strong suction cups allow a powerful grip to the sink to ensure the Glass Cleaner stays put! 

EASY TO USE - The Glass Cleaner features two brushes that target the inner and outer parts of the glasses at the same time as you rotate the glasses. The brushes on the Glass Cleaner will do all the cleaning and scrubbing for you, leaving you with sparkling clean cups and glasses!

EASY TO CLEAN - The brushes on the Glass Cleaner are removable, so you can easily disassemble them to give them a deep clean if needed. 

Get yours now so you never have to worry about dirty glasses! Clean with minimal effort and maximum safety!