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Push Sweeper

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Scrubway™ Push Sweeper is a hand push, automatic sweeper, with a 360° range of motion. It is lightweight and quiet. This cleaning essential is the perfect tool for fast, easy daily home cleaning routines.

It does not need to be powered and works on ALL hard floor surfaces – wood, tile, marble, linoleum, and vinyl with no scuffing or scratching. Simply push the sweeper forward to clean the desired areas. Please note that this Push Sweeper is not meant to be used on carpets.

The Push Sweeper folds flat – the PERFECT compact design for apartments, offices, houses. Wet or dry, the Push Sweeper can easily sweep it all: kitty litter, hair, food, crumbs, dirt, dust, and MORE.  

The shape of the handle is ERGONOMIC and COMFORTABLE to hold. The pole is made of stainless steel with highly RELIABLE quality. The length of the pole is adjustable depending on your needs - convenient for the elderly and children.

Push Sweeper comes with long side brushes and an inner soft roller brush that rotate 360° as well as the dustpan and dustbin. Simply open the dustbin to clear the buildup. It is that EASY and SIMPLE