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Floor Squeegee

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Are you….

frustrated with cleaning the dust, hair, and fur in the house?

struggling with bending over to sweep the unreachable dirty areas?

wondering which cleaning tool can give you the best result with the least amount of effort?

We have a solution for YOU!

Introducing our newest multi-purpose Floor Squeegee that will make all the struggles go away. Say BYE-BYE to dust, hair, fur, and dirt forever.

Our evolutionary Floor Squeegee will change your cleaning routine and in turn change the environment you live in and your life, FOREVER.


The Floor Squeegee's rubber bristles create static electricity that attracts dust, dirt, hair and pet fur on multiple surfaces, like MAGIC!

The rubber bristles are effective yet soft enough to avoid scratches on any materials. Flip the Floor Squeegee over to reveal the Magic Squeegee!

The extendable feature of the Floor Squeegee makes the length easily adjustable to suit ANY needs. Reach the unreachable area with ease! 

Our multi-purpose Floor Squeegee can be used to clean practically ANYTHING, not just floor! Use it to clean carpet, couch, floor, windows, push snow off your car and even spills.

Why buy multiple sweeping and cleaning tools when you can get everything cleaned with just ONE tool and once for all!

Sweeping has never been EASIER. The light yet sturdy Floor Squeegee will save you up to 70% of your effort doing normal sweeping and cleaning. 

Gone are the old days of heavy and expensive cleaning tools, tangled wires and loud noises. Cleaning can be this affordable and simple!

What else you need to know? Our survey suggested that 93% of our customers reported they are satisfied with the result of our product and would recommend this product to friends and family!