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Replacement Brush Head Set (Scrubber Pro+)

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This Brush Heads Set is designed purposefully for our Cordless Power Scrubber Pro+. It comes with the 3 replacement brush heads which are the round brush, the corner brush, and the extra-wide flat brush.

We highly recommend getting at least one additional set of brush heads for replacement purposes.


Round Brush is used to clean large flat surface areas, such as floor, tile, wall, glass, kitchen backsplash, but really it can be used to clean any area for general purposes;

Corner Brush is ideal for cleaning tight and hard to reach places, such as corners, tile grout, shower;

Flat Brush is the stiffest brush out of all the other brushes and is suitable for any area that needs extra attention. The wide but dense bristles get dirt and gunk instantly.


Step 1: Choose the desired brush head. 

Step 2: Hold the brush head and press and twist it onto the host of the Cordless Electric Scrubber. Make sure the brush head is secured safely onto the host. 

PRO TIP: keep two sets for different cleaning needs, such as one set for indoor such as floor tiles, kitchen, bathroom, and another set for outdoor use, such as balcony, car, barbecue set, etc.